Why would you make a hole into an object when you can make the object around the hole?

3D printing is a production method where the physical object is made of a digital 3D file with a 3D printer. When in the traditional manufacturing methods the product is usually created by removing material, in 3D printing it's produced by adding material, layer by layer. This principle is always the same regardless of what 3D technology or material is used, hence the method is called also additive manufacturing. In 3D printing the manufacturing method doesn't set many limitations, which gives more freedom to the product design. Even the complex designs can be printed as one object. Other benefits are for example almost non-existing material waste, customization without cost premium as well as faster product development time when samples and changes to the product can be made fast and easy within days.



3D Printing

We print individual objects, (rapid) prototypes, functional assemblies, scale models, spare parts, small series, production series and a lot of other things.

We offer also post processing of the printed objects like painting.

Our printers:

  • HP Multi Jet Fusion 4200 (MJF)
    • Printing volume:        380 x 284 x 380 mm
    • Printing speed:           4000 cm³/h
    • Layer thickness:         0,07 - 0,1 mm
    • Material:                     PA12 (nylon)
    • Final products as individual objects and series, prototypes, contract manufacturing
  • Formlabs Form2 (SLA, stereolithography)
    • Printing volume:        145 x 145 x 175 mm
    • Layer thickness:         0,025 - 0,1 mm
    • Material:                     multiple
    • High precision objects, prototypes, moulds for small series
  • 4 Stratasys printers (FDM, fused deposition modeling)
    • Printing volume:        254x254x305 mm
    • Layer thickness:         0,254 and 0,33 mm  
    • Material:                     ABS Plus
    • Prototypes, moulds, final products

Objects printed with other technologies like SLS (selected laser sintering) as well as metal prints you'll get through us from our trusted partners.

We recommend that you contact us in an early phase of your project and we review the concept together in order to ensure the most suitable total solution for your product.



3D Scanning

We use a high resolution structured light technology 3D scanner by David Vision system (now HP). The technology is suitable for small details and coarser scans of forms with textures.

Separate scans can be combined with software which expands the scanning possibilities.

Note that the combination of the available lighting, the size of the object, required detail level and the PC hardware used set limitations to a successful scanning process.

Very shiny surfaces needs to be coated before scanning process.


3D Designing, Modeling and Visualizing

We design individual objects, spare parts, product components, ergonomis products, product specific jigs and moulds as well as functional assemblies. We do also reverse engineering.

Bring us an existing products or your idea, for example as 2D image, on paper or digital, and we model it to printable or viewable format.

We visualize parts, assemblies, products and processes to look the same in digital format as in real life



Our engineering focus is in 3D printing and related processes.

We do both concept and detail design.

We offer also full scale production line and discrete automation design and manufacture in cooperation with partners.

Consulting and Training

Are you considering purchase of a 3D printer or scanner but don't know what might be the best solution for you? We help you with sourcing of the right 3D equipment and software for your specific needs.

We cooperate with schools on 3D technology training.