3DTech Oy is a Finnish High Tech StartUp company in the field of Additive Manufacturing or in the other words 3D Printing. Key areas of expertise include 3D Scanning, 3D Design and 3D ​​Manufacturing.

3DTech Oy offers a comprehensive product portfolio in both 3D service and equipment categories for companies, consumers, educational institutions and research centers, as well as public places such as libraries etc.


The two founders of this company had followed the 3D printing industry since the 1990s before deciding to purchase a 3D printer of our own. This happened in the summer of 2011. Before ordering an actual 3D printer, our team of the two original 3D printing musketeers decided to write an engineering thesis about the purchasing of a 3D printer based on specific requirements. Based on the results of the thesis, the first 3D printer was ordered from the manufacturer. This took place in the beginning of 2013. After that the theory was actually put to practice, and the two engineers were finally fully sold to the world of 3D printing/additive manufacturing and its future possibilities to really change the world in various ways.

Around the same time, three people, including the original two, who all had a bit different backgrounds, met in the right place, at the right time, and started to speak the same 3D printing language. Areas of expertise of these above-mentioned people consist of 3D printing, engineering, logistics, sales & marketing and entrepreneurship. After several meetings between the spring and autumn of 2013, all the pieces from the 1990s onwards started to find their places in the big picture, and a clear vision of what we want to be and how to get there was born.


  • To be the leading 3D services and equipment partner and supplier in Europe and in the top ten globally
  • To bring local manufacturing in the form of 3D printing within the reach of every individual, company, educational institute and research center


Our vision is to allow everyone world-wide an easy access to the world of 3D Manufacturing with user-friendly devices and to locally produced recyclable materials and biomaterials.


  • To provide comprehensive product portfolio of 3D services and equipment
  • To grow in a controlled manner world-wide
  • To be flexible and agile in a constantly changing market
  • To listen and understand the needs of our customers!!!



  • Involvement from the very beginning: 1+1=3
  • Listening to the customer, co-operation and mutual understanding is the foundation of how we do business


  • In all of our interactions, we emphasize openness, honesty, equality, teamwork and good business spirit
  • We build strong, positive relationships with our customers and with each other


  • We develop and improve our know-how, expertise and functional capabilities to develop creative and state-of-the-art solutions for the benefit of our customers at all costs
  • We make sure that our deliveries are on time


  • We do what we promise
  • We share and learn from our experiences and grow together as a team